Cleansing and Cancer

Everyone wishes there was a cure for cancer.  The only cure that truly exists is to prevent cancer from happening in the first place.  Many people live their lives day by day and simply hope for the best.  But cancer happens out of the blue, and to younger and younger people.  So while you hope for the best, you can prepare your body to prevent the worst.  I've realized this after more than 30 years of sitting with patients that have cancer.  The best medicine is prevention and cleansing is at the top of the list.  Let me tell you why.

Every day your body is being exposed to things.  You are breathing in heavy metals, pollutants and airborne pathogens.  You are drinking in toxins in your water, eating pesticides in your food and licking the chemical from your envelopes to seal them.  You can't control your work environment.  You can't control every breath you take.  Even if you eat organically, even if you drink filtered water, you may be reducing your load, but you can't eliminate it completely. 

Every minute your cells are working by taking in oxygen and nutrition, making the proteins they are programmed to make and then excreting the by-products of their metabolism.  These have to enter the lymph between the cells which carries them to your blood which carries them to your kidneys and liver which carry them out of your body.  That is a lot of travel time and a lot of organs and systems that toxins must travel through to be completely eliminated.  And what if the toxin is very caustic?  It's traveling through living tissue, so that transit is creating some damage which must be repaired.  So between what you take in and what your body naturally creates in managing your metabolism, there is a lot riding on the strength and health of your detoxification pathways.

Here are some facts to consider:

  • Breast cysts and tumors have been shown to contain calcified calcium, chlorine, environmental pesticides, heavy metals and even plastic.

  • The brain relies on the cerebrospinal fluid and the lymphatic system through the glial cells to cleanse the brain tissue of toxins and debris along with excess waste protein.  It is this waste protein that accumulates in brain tissue when not removed, and is the leading factor in Alzheimer's Disease.  This also may mean that illnesses of the glial cells may be due to an overload of the cleansing system.

  • More than 1 trillion pounds of industrial chemicals end up in our ground water contaminating farmland, water resources and even the air we breathe through evaporation into our atmosphere.

  • Many of our foods, especially fruits and vegetables, are imported from other countries requiring toxic treatment to remove pests and lengthen viability. 

  • Acid-blockers such as Prilosec also inhibit your stomach's ability to kill bacteria and mold spores in the food you eat, opening you up to the possibility of infection.

  • The action of free radical chemicals in the body, which are normal by-products of metabolism, damages cells and the integrity of cells, causing them to stop functioning and mutations to occur.

The truth of the matter is that your blood, your lymph and every body fluid carries toxins.  If you are stressed, battling an illness, eating poorly or not getting any exercise, then your body fluids are struggling to reach every cell of your body.  This is even more true if you have high blood pressure, chronic muscle tension or drink very little water.  So if the garbage truck does not reach your house weekly, what happens to the garbage?  It sits, it rots, it attracts insects and it stinks.  That is all true within the cells that do not have regular access to lymphatic flow, to blood and to the hormones and enzymes that manage and run our body's systems.

Unhealthy vs. healthy red blood cell

Unhealthy vs. healthy red blood cell

Eventually these cells will become very unhealthy and any cells that are created from these unhealthy cells will be compromised from the start.  This is how a mutation begins.  In normal, healthy bodies, your immune system will identify any cell that is damaged or mutated and remove it.  But what if you have an autoimmune condition?  What if you are under chronic stress which suppresses your immunity?  What if the volume of free radicals is too high for your body to manage?  What happens is mutation that spreads and it may not be for months or even years that it becomes widespread enough to cause symptoms. 

So the answer is to cleanse.  This involves identifying which of your body detoxification pathways may not be functioning at an optimal level, which have sustained damage over time, and which are over-functioning to compensate for another less effective system.  The symptoms that you experience every day may give you those answers.  Balancing your body's detoxification pathways is essential to effective cleansing.  Here are the essential steps to consider:

1) Evaluate your regular body symptoms and any organ illnesses you have sustained.  This will help to determine which of your body detoxification systems needs repair and support.

2) Plan a period of time from 10 days to one month to eliminate all unhealthy habits, foods and exposures during which time you will cleanse.

3) Choose appropriate cleansing elements including fiber, herbs, raw food concentrates and homeopathic remedies that target your individual needs.

4) Do 10 days of remedy work for your detoxification pathways.  This will ensure their optimal functioning for your cleanse.

5) Incorporate detoxifying therapies to enhance your cleanse and reduce cleansing symptoms such as decongestive lymph drainage, FAR Infrared sauna and colonic hydrotherapy. 

6) Plan a reduced schedule and plenty of rest to provide the energy needed for the cleansing process.

To understand the importance of cleansing the fluids of the body, the body tissues and replacing damaged and non-functioning cells with healthy cells is to understand how to truly prevent cancer.  And it must be done before mutation gets out of control, which means that cleansing has to be done regularly.  In this way you not only stave off the possibility of serious illness, you also learn what your toxic load involves.  You identify which of your detoxification pathways does not work as efficiently as you may need.  You develop a plan of support and therapy to keep your body as healthy as it can be.