Radiation for Advanced Cancer May Have More Benefits Than You Might Think

I have had quite a few cancer patients in the last few months and each one has been fearful of conventional treatment. But in advanced cancer where there are multiple cancer sites and tissues involved, there may actually be a benefit to radiation treatment.

Many patients really suffer through chemotherapy and it is generally the first option in conventional treatment. This is because it is a body-wide treatment with debilitating body-wide side effects.  In Naturopathic Medicine there is a core principle that a focused, localized treatment such as a protomorphagen (PMG), or in this case radiation treatment, may have a positive body-wide effect far beyond the specific tissue or area being treated. We have used this philosophy in many of our treatment plans for decades.  And history may have shown us that this concept has far-reaching implications. 

I am talking about "abscopal phenomenon". The word "abscopal" is from the Latin meaning "away from the view, target or aim".  Since 1953 it has been seen in many cases where irradiation to one area has an effect in areas outside the boundaries of the treatment.  In other words, irradiate one cancer tumor area and metastatic tumors throughout the body, far from the treatment area, disappear. 

And it isn't just with radiation. Many types of localized, targeted treatment such as cryotherapy and hyperthermia have produced a similar result. Researchers believe that this is because of the immune system. I have told my patients about the idea of "cloaking" that cancer cells use, where they remain invisible to the immune system. Abscopal phenomenon may actually happen because that "cloaking" has been removed and the resources of the immune system are now fully aware of the cancerous tissue throughout the body.

First noted in 1953 by Dr. R.J. Mole, there have been numerous instances of the regression of tumors following very specific localized radiotherapy and in various types of cancers.  I believe that this ties in with the protomorphagens that Dr. Royal Lee postulated as early as 1923.  PMGs were the tiny cellular structures that would be released from a cell in the early stages of reproduction and along with the immune system, would regulate the reproductive cycles of the applicable tissue.  The few studies that have been done on abscopal phenomenon have concluded that it must be "an unknown molecule(s) that can enhance/instigate the abscopal effect through its mediation of cellular reproduction and its relationship with the immune system." - Cell Death & Disease

I have been using protomorphagens orally for many years.  There is a formula for each tissue and organ type in the human body.  When we look at PMGs and localized therapies such as radiation, we may be looking at tools that can be honed and better utilized to eradicate or reduce many cases of cancer.