Radiation: Prevention is the Best Protection


It isn’t just radiation that worries us, it’s the cumulative effect of that on top of all of the toxins that we are exposed to every day. For some, it may just be the straw that breaks the camel’s back ... This morning I was woken up by the pungent smell of cigar smoke. it was drifting in my window from my neighbor next door who just moved in, who was enjoying his morning cigar on his back porch. It made me realize more than ever that we cannot block the effects of what our neighbor does any more than we can block the effects of what a neighboring town or country does. We are too integrated as a world. Even disease can travel thousands of miles in airplanes or ships, runny noses, food or gifts to loved ones. The recent events in Japan are just the most recent illustration of how the next problem can arrive with the wind...

First, at the present time in our area, there is more radiation in standing by power lines, than there is as a result of what is happening in Japan. Interestingly, I always begin by telling people to pay attention to how much they are living near power lines or electrical power stations simply because of the energy that their bodies absorb over time from these power sources. But now we have a stronger concern. How much and for how long will radiation be increased in the world because of this tragedy in Japan and the unfolding potential catastrophe?

The answer is... no one knows. No one can predict the outcome of the present nuclear danger, but obviously people in Japan face a much scarier scenario than we do here in New England. Here, we risk radiation brought to us in our weather or in our food and water. But once it’s here, it can be absorbed by our soil, our water supply, our pets that are outside and all our trees and plants. So how can we best protect ourselves?

Because of the ease of movement of toxins around the world, we are exposed to things every single day, some from local sources, some imported with the vegetables we eat. So whether it’s radiation in our rainfall, blood pressure medication residue in our water or chlorine in our cabbage, the best thing any of us can do is prevention. Prevention of any toxic assault is the same... reduce exposure and strengthen the body’s defenses. So here are my suggestions to think about, not just for radiation, but for all toxins that we are exposed to every day:

Drinking Water - There is no better time for getting serious about the health of the water we drink. These days, filtration is a great start, but it isn’t enough. We are expanding our ideas about energy, and this is also true with water. More and more research is pointing to water having essentially a living component that we cannot explain (since the definition of life is carbon). This also means that drinking water is like drinking something alive with all the positives and negatives. Filtering water from physical substances such as bacteria, rust and viruses is one thing, but there are also elemental things such as chlorine, lead and fluoride that all can be negative when we are consuming them every day in our water glass, our steamer, boiled foods, and even in washing our dishes and clothes. Some, such as chlorine can even be inhaled in the shower.

Water ionizers is the next generation of water purification and there is no way of knowing how these amazing machines will change things in Japan, since the very best ones are made in Japan. They combine a high grade charcoal filter with an electrolysis process that structurally changes the water molecule. I think this process has the best chance of helping to reduce whatever trace amounts of radiation might make it into our tap water. But then again, nothing will stop large amounts of radiation, should that ever be the case. And bottled water is no exception, since plastic has been shown to release material into the water within and many bottled waters are just tap water from someone else’s tap.

Protective Containers for food and water — Again, there is no complete protection from radiation, however, plastic is by far the worst choice. Glass is much safer, and the darker the glass the better. At our clinic in Boston, we use Miron Glass from Switzerland which has been shown in clinical studies to block all the sun’s rays, and so is the best choice for preventing any contamination. In fact, food or water in this glass can last many weeks longer and still be fresh.

Weather - Although we all crave to be outside, you might want to consider spending a bit more time indoors when there is weather outside. It is when wind, rain and sleet are present that toxic material in the air falls to earth, and will be absorbed by the soil and water, or the people on them at the time. It also means that any radiation or toxic material that is brought by weather will take a few days to dissipate, depending on the volume. So you might want to postpone that fishing trip a bit.

Digging / Gardening - We all want to plant things — it seems to be an instinctive activity for us. But digging or planting in soil that has contaminants can really affect not just your skin, but your entire body. So whenever you are doing anything in the soil, you really should consider a good sturdy work or gardening glove. Even rubber gloves would be a good choice. And be sure to thoroughly wash your hands after every excursion outside. Remember it is the soil that absorbs any radiation that arrives in our weather.

Food - Ah, our favorite thing and the one thing that can truly bring us more radiation and toxic material than anything else, mainly because we actually eat it. First, be sure to get in the habit of always washing your foods with either an organic wash multiple times or soaking them in 11.5 pH Kangen Water and then rinsing them. This will remove the clinging pesticide residue and other contaminants making the outside of the food healthier.

But if we are dealing with potential radiation, you will want to go even further by removing the peel of fruits and vegetables before cooking, even after rinsing. When cooking foods, only cook for a few minutes, then throw away all the water, rinse and begin cooking again. Once again, only use filtered water or Kangen Water for cooking and rinsing. With our immediate concerns from Japan, the effects of the growing cycle of food will not make itself clear for months still, so in the meantime I recommend canning fruits, vegetables and storing other foods from what is on the shelves in the stores right now. Those foods will have been grown and harvested before the disaster in Japan occurred.

Another thing is your choice of food. In the aftermath of Chernobyl pork was found to be the safest meat and fish that swim in the upper waters of the ocean had the least contamination. Apple pectin was very protective against radiation as well as Indian Ghee Butter. You also want to include all the things that help the liver to detoxify such as eggs, onions, garlic, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, kale and broccoli. The liver is your strongest defense against anything the body is exposed to. By keeping the liver detoxifying at a healthy rate, and the gallbladder releasing this material easily into the digestive tract, you will always be healthier no matter what you are exposed to.

Thyroid Protection & Iodine - In any toxic situation, the one thing you want to pay attention to are your glands. The glands are what control virtually all of your body functions and dictate how your body will be able to modulate function and defend itself against assault. Even the immune system is a slave to the glands.

In the case of radiation, the most sensitive area is the thyroid because of radioactive iodine that is present in contaminated items. This competes with natural iodine and binds to the thyroid, basically killing the thyroid. This is especially the case for children whose thyroids are especially active, seeking iodine virtually all of the time. The best protection against this is natural iodine first in foods, and then for stronger protection, in supplemental form. For now, simply increasing your consumption of iodine-laden foods will do wonders for both you and your children. Adults can opt for short-term doses of an organic iodine such as Standard Process Prolamine Iodine which is a balanced iodine formula (no iodine should be taken by anyone with overactive thyroid or an autoimmune disorder without doctor supervision). I don’t ever advocate giving children iodine tablets instead opting for increasing the food intake of iodine which can help immensely. Great iodine-laden foods are kelp & sea vegetables, organic yogurt & cow’s milk, hard-boiled eggs, strawberries, cranberries, some fish & shellfish, mozzarella cheese, organic navy beans, Himalayan Gray salt and potatoes with their skin.

Protective Supplements & Herbs - When considering radiation, there is a great natural protocol to protect everyone in your family. Radiation affects the body by detaching electrons from our cells, making them unstable. In other words, it increases free radicals drastically overwhelming our detoxification systems. The answer is not just taking things that increase detoxification as this can use more reserves and forces our systems to work overtime. Instead taking super-amounts of antioxidants, immune boosters and herbs that can reduce the effects of any exposure is the answer.

My favorite herbal option is a protective tonic I make with Milk Thistle, Eleuthero, Turmeric and Bladderwrack. This is by far the best formula for supporting the body in the face of radiation exposure. Supplements that are also important would be OPC Synergy, Cataplex E and Cataplex C from Standard Process. These are all strong antioxidant formulas. And of course Kangen Water which is strongly antioxidant, outpacing even the protective qualities of Vitamin C, green tea and orange juice.

The best protection however is keeping your immune system supported. Echinacea is a very misunderstood herb when it comes to immunity. First, there are really only two species that have immune properties: angustifolia and purpurea. Then you need specific parts of the echinacea plant. Lastly, Echinacea only works before the fact, not after the fact. It is the best immune modulator, not booster, so it helps to support the immune system in healthy function. Other immune support that I recommend are Standard Process Immuplex or Epimune Complex and MediHerb’s Ganoderma/Shitake combination. Things like Mistletoe, Goldenseal and Astragalus all work in specific ways and I have found them to be more effective for specific issues, not general support.

Therapies to Protect the Body - The Infrared Sauna is by far the best therapy overall to protect the skin, the immune system and the underlying tissues of the body from any toxic assault. It enhances immune action dramatically in just 15 minutes of use and helps to strengthen the melanin cells of the body tissues against negative types of energy. Meditation and Massage do wonders to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system which reduces inflammation, speeds healing and increases immunity. Our ISIS Seaweed Detox Treatment helps to infuse the body with iodine and helps to minimize skin presence of toxic particles.

We all can begin to pay more attention to the toxins that we are exposed to every day. It is time to incorporate protective measures into our lives because even though this horrible disaster in Japan may not affect all of us directly, we are all part of the same world, and whatever happens anywhere will eventually reach us. By being aware of that, and making choices that reduce our exposure to daily toxins that are under our control, our bodies will then be able to handle the larger challenges which we can’t control.