A New Study About Breast Cancer


A new study has told us some remarkable things about the connection between estrogen and breast cancer... All women produce and utilize estrogen. But not all women make estrogen in the same way, nor the same types of estrogen. In fact, women are more prone to breast cancer and many other forms of cancer, if their body breaks down estrogen into higher levels of one form vs. another. A study of 10,000 women’s health records confirms that women with higher levels of 16-alpha hydroxyestrogen vs. 2-hydroxyestrone. And this risk was similar in both pre and post-menopausal women, the overall levels of estrogen was really insignificant.

This is a very important finding because consumption of brassica vegetables such as kale and Brussels sprouts reduces 16-alpha hydroxyestrogen production. There are urine tests available that can show if you have more of the negative estrogen so that you can see what your risk truly is. Even women with genetic traits that put them at higher risk for breast cancer, can minimize that risk substantially by including brassicas in their regular diet.

An even easier way is to include a supplemental form of dehydrated organic brassicas into your regime, such as Standard Process’s Cruciferous Complete supplement. Now a new study has just been released testing this very idea and with Cruciferous Complete from Standard Process. By just adding 3.6 grams of the dehydrated brassicas, substantial change occurred. Estrogen urinalysis for women showed markedly changed ratios to give them a much more favorable estrogen metabolism and much less risk for breast cancer.

This may explain the relatively low incidence of breast cancer among my patients, since the inclusion of brassicas has been a core component of my protocols for years.