The Secrets of Lymphatic Health


You may not spend much time thinking about your lymphatic system, but without it you’d look like the Michelin man. The truth is that spending some time each day with your lymphatics on your mind may make more difference in your future health than investing in a kale farm... The lymphatic system is the core system that manages toxicity, immunity and cellular integrity. And it is a system that is totally dependent on your lifestyle. Your movement is the driving force behind lymphatic flow and simple things like your water intake can mean the difference between health and sickness.

The truth is that I truly believe that the health of the lymphatic system is the key to avoiding all serious illness and many of my patients have suffered from chronic illness simply because their lymphatic system was congested. So let’s talk about the simple things you can do every day to keep your lymphatic system on the right track.

First, water and lots of it! Water is essential to keep the lymphatic system flowing smoothly. Less water and the lymphatic fluid can become sluggish and less effective. The perfect water for your lymphatic health is Kangen Ionized Water. I’ve found it to turn around years of chronic dehydration, even in patients that swore they had been drinking liters of water every day. If the lymphatic system is sluggish, then bottled or tap water alone can’t reach the tiny lymphatic vessels, nor help to neutralize the metabolic acids that can clog and congest lymph nodes.

The next thing is rebounding. Not just bounding back from stress and difficult situations, but jumping on a mini trampoline. That’s right, just like when you were five and you’d jump up and down on your mother’s bed. But in this situation it’s a bit more like jogging on sand. The simple action of this stimulating and fun exercise can move your lymphatic system like the tide of the ocean. Just 15 minutes every day can do wonders for swollen ankles, sore breasts and even the common cold.

But periodically our lymphatic system really experiences a challenge that overwhelms even the healthiest of systems. That’s when Swiss Phyto Lymphatic Drainage is the ticket to wellness. From the mountain health spas of Switzerland comes a machine therapy that blends chromatherapy light therapy with vibration and pulse suction to gently and effectively drain the lymphatic system. I recommend blending this incredible therapy with energetically active Phytobiodermie products based on Chinese Five Element theory and traditional chinese meridian patterns. Just lie back and let this amazing technology do the work.

Another wonderful thing to bask in is heat. That’s right, heat. I prefer FAR Infrared Sauna because it also increases the skin metabolism significantly while detoxifying the body’s tissues. Heat causes the lymphatic fluid to become less gelatinous and more fluidic navigating the twists and turns of the lymphatic vessels quickly and more efficiently. That is one of the main reasons that we experience less illness in the summer and in warmer climates.

But no therapy is complete without addressing what’s going on on the inside. There are some amazing herbal and homeopathic options to keep the lymphatic system flowing smoothly. Heel Homeopathics makes a wonderful lymphatic drainage support called Lymphomyosot which can be added to all the water you drink. Standard Process of Wisconsin has spent more than 50 years creating a whole food concentrate for the lymphatic system called Thymex.

But for powerful lymphatic drainage treatment, turn to herbs such as Cleavers, Poke Root and most recently Horsechestnut. Traditionally horsechestnut has shown a remarkable ability to reduce swelling and edema with sprains and strains. Recent studies from Charles Sturt University in Australia may explain why. Using a complex of horsechestnut, ginkgo and Butcher’s Broom made by MediHerb it was found to increase lymphatic flow and promote normal vascular tone.

These easy and simple guidelines are wonderful not only on a regular basis, but especially following surgery that can create symptoms of edema and lymphatic congestion. Spend just a few minutes every day paying attention to your lymphatic system and the benefits will bring you years of health and wellness.