Helpful Hints For Cleansing


Cleansing can be rewarding, enriching and life-changing. In order to get the most from your cleanse, there are things we have learned over the years that may make your cleanse more effective, easier and with less symptoms. In order to get the best of cleansing, there are certain things to remember, particularly if you are beginning to experience a cleanse reaction or any uncomfortable symptoms.

Your Cleansing Diet: First, what you are eating during your cleanse is of the utmost importance. It really makes or breaks your cleanse. So stick to the list of foods that are part of your cleanse, even though it may be very different from your normal diet and may also be very restrictive. Many foods are eliminated during cleansing because they are fermented, some because they are toxic, others because they require large amounts of digestive energy and still others which can cause allergies. If you feel any hunger, try drinking more water. Often thirst can be mistaken for hunger, especially when you are eliminating sugar or caffeine.

Weight Loss: Next is the idea of weight loss. Many people cleanse with the purpose of losing weight, which is a typical effect of any restrictive diet, particularly when you are eliminating bulky proteins and carbohydrates. However, if you are seriously ill, underweight, or maintain an intense physical activity level, it may not be advisable for you to follow such a restrictive diet, even for a few weeks. So the first thing is to limit your physical activity. The second thing is to add small quantities of millet, molasses, lima beans, cooked whole grains, brown rice or beans. Sometimes it is even advisable to take a nutritional powder or fiber to add some bulk to your stomach. This is also advisable if you are diabetic, hypoglycemic, or have bouts of low blood pressure. Please check with your physician before beginning a cleanse program of any kind.

Water Intake: Water is the preferred beverage during cleansing and may be the best way to flush out the kidneys, the liver, the intestinal tract and to reset your hunger mechanism. The best water for cleansing is Kangen Ionized Water because of its highly alkaline nature and its ability to reach and hydrate at a cellular level quickly. I do not recommend distilled water, as it is a man-made substance. Whatever water you choose, please make sure it is highly filtered. Taking in water with chlorine, fluorine, heavy metals or bacteria can interfere with the effects of your cleanse. Water is provided during any cleanse in many of the fruits and vegetables you are eating, especially if you are juicing. But if you are adding any fiber or clay (bentonite for instance) drinking sufficient water will be very important. Basically the rule is to drink when you feel thirsty, and to try to consume at least 1/2 your body weight in ounces each day. Many times, headaches during cleansing is indicative of dehydration, so pay attention!!

Energy: Many people are worried about a loss of energy, or not being able to function at work during a cleanse. A cleanse is demanding on the body’s energy reserves, particularly if you are fasting. Remember that the body must use energy to cleanse, reducing the energy that is available for you each day. However once you have incorporated a cleansing schedule into your daily routine, your body will change the way it produces energy for you and you will notice that your energy stays fairly stable throughout the cleansing process. It is advisable that if you are under a great deal of stress, that you wait until you have the time and commitment to allow your body to go through this cleansing process.

Emotional Issues: Another difficulty is dealing with unexpected emotional releases that occur during cleansing. Particularly if you are doing a blood and tissue cleanse or if you have had chronic digestive problems as a result of emotional stress, you may go through a rollercoaster of past emotions. Most of these are unrelated to current situations, such as bursting into tears when selecting a cereal at the store, or a commercial about baby food. Our bodies store emotional energy as chemicals in various tissues, particularly adipose tissue. As you decrease your food intake, the body is stimulated to extract stored energy from adipose tissue and releases the stored chemicals that trigger past emotional issues as part of the cleansing process.

One thing that can really help balance your energy, including these unexpected emotional issues that emerge, is Acupuncture or massage therapy. These relaxing and energetic therapies can help to unwind and process years of accumulated tension, which will then make your cleansing experience smooth sailing!

If your energy is exceptionally low or you aren’t sleeping well at night, you might have an adrenal weakness. Try 2 tsp. of Rehmannia herbal extract each morning.

Juicing: Juicing may be a major part of your cleanse program. Drinking fresh juice is the best way to restore the health and natural vitality of your cells. So investing in a good juicer or visiting the local juice bar daily, is highly recommended. The following are two favorite recipes for reducing toxicity in the body, taken from Norman Walker’s research:

10 oz. carrot and 6 oz. spinach 3 oz. beet with 3 oz. cucumber and 10 oz. of carrot 9 oz. carrot and 7 oz. celery 9 oz. carrot with 5 oz. celery and 2 oz. parsley 16 oz. spinach

If you find that your bowel movements are slow, you can even drink 8 oz. of cabbage juice, which is quite sweet and will stimulate your natural peristalsis.

Although carrots and beets are wonderful, nutritious foods, they do contain high amounts of natural sugars, so if you need to restrict your sugar intake, then you must eat carrots and beets sparingly, or dilute them with other vegetables, particularly in juices.

If you are choosing not to juice, you may want to add an organic green powder food that contains all the wonderful green vegetables and their nutrients.

Constipation & Colonics: Cleansing is only as effective as your body systems will allow removal of toxic material. If you are constipated, which can happen with a change in food intake or during fasting, then you need to consider a colonic hydrotherapy session to cleanse the bowel and remove blocked material.

If you have a history of constipation issues, or if you have trouble eliminating on a daily basis, cleansing time is the best time to restore your natural ability. There are three important considerations that will ensure healthier bowel function. The first is sufficient water intake. Water is what lubricates and helps to move material through the intestinal tract and through the digestive process. The second is making time to go to the bathroom. When you need to go, YOU NEED TO GO! It means being able to use bathrooms in public places, and being able to relax. This also means learning to relax your abdominal muscles so you CAN have bowel function. The third thing is position. Most toilets, particularly in the U.S. are so high that your hips are higher than your knees when you sit down. In fact the opposite is necessary to allow for relaxation of your sphincter muscles. If your knees are not above the level of your knees when sitting on your toilet, consider one of the most important additions to healthy bowel function, a stool or Miracle Step. For more information on a hand-carved wooden Miracle Step, please contact ISIS Holistic Clinic at . The Miracle Step is a convenient, wooden stool that fits around the bottom of the toilet and can be pulled out to raise your feet, making elimination a breeze.

FAR Infrared Sauna: FAR Infrared Sauna treatments are wonderful for increasing circulation and allowing the removal of toxic material through sweat and also via the kidneys. The heat of a sauna will also relax muscles, increase the metabolism of the skin and underlying tissues and speed the loss of calories for increased weight loss.

Lymphatic Drainage: Another pathway that is important to cleansing is the lymphatic system which is the actual liquid system that touches every cell and draws toxic material out of tissues and into the blood. Swiss Phyto Lymphatic Drainage treatments and the energetically active clays that are used, can make a tremendous difference in your cleansing experience, particularly if you are having any skin or body odor reaction.

Alkalinization: One of the biggest issues with cleansing is the neutralization and removal of acidic deposits and metabolic wastes. Kangen Ionized Water, vegetable juices and Hippocrates Broth are all excellent ways to restore alkalinization and clear destructive acidic waste. Many acidic components can restrict muscle strength, weaken and slow organ function and create digestive problems. Drinking sufficient amounts of alkalinizing liquids is key to proper cleansing.

Cooking: Another helpful hint is to use only stainless steel or enameled cookware when making food or broth. The body is particularly sensitive to aluminum and this is even more important during cleansing. Also it is advisable that you cut or slice all ingredients directly into cooking water to prevent oxidation. It is important that you do not overcook your vegetables. Steaming is the preferred method of cooking during the cleanse, although raw is always better. If you are making juice, be sure to drink only organic, freshly juiced fruits and vegetables.

Epsom Salt Baths: Elimination through the skin is one of the easiest ways the body has to detoxify body tissues. This is evident from the amount of skin disorders that we have in our society. Epsom salts increase the rate at which the skin can release toxic material from underlying cells and relaxes muscle tissue at the same time. Perspiration includes a significant amount of acids and toxins, making an Epsom Salt bath one of the best ways to stimulate detoxification.

Fill a bath with hot water [hot enough to make you perspire], and add 4 pounds (yes, pounds!) of Epsom Salts. Make sure you dissolve as much of the salts as possible by swirling them through the water. Bring a 16 ounce glass of room-temperature water or herbal tea to the bath and climb in. RELAX!!!!!!!!!!! for about 20-30 minutes, allowing your muscles to completely let go. The more you can relax your structure, the better the detoxifying effect.

Contraindications for fasting: There are a number of situations and conditions where it is not advisable to choose a cleanse that involves fasting. If you have any chronic condition, it is always best to check with your physician for guidance and advice prior to intensive cleansing. Some of the more common reasons to avoid fasting are advanced cases of disease, pregnancy or breast-feeding women, underweight individuals or intense athletes.

Vitamins & Medications: Never discontinue necessary medication, even during a cleansing process, although it will slow down the effects of the cleanse. As for vitamins, taking vitamins is essential, but I recommend special vitamins to work with the imbalance of body cleanses to provide the maximum nutrition that the body needs for cleansing. But mineral support is not generally recommended, as it gives the body a chance to eliminate stored mineral deposits.

Should your body exhibit signs of potassium and magnesium loss during cleansing, supplementation may be advisable. This can be done without additional unnecessary minerals. Some of these signs include headaches for more than a day or two, excessive thirst, increased muscle tension, insomnia or muscle cramps at night.

Teas: You should only be drinking organic, decaffeinated herbal teas. Peppermint has a general calming effect on the nerves, while chamomile has a strong antitoxic quality that also can help you get to sleep at night. Rosehip tea has high amounts of vitamin C making it excellent as a healing agent, while ginseng has a strong revitalizing effect on the nervous system and the brain. Remember that teas tend to be dehydrating, so they may actually make you feel thirstier.

By following these helpful hints, your cleansing experience will be a breeze!