Treat Arthritis With A Cleanse


Little did you know that cleansing can make a real difference with arthritis. By clearing joints of debris and toxins, it reduces the incidence of immune inflammation of the joint and allows healing to take place naturally. There are many different forms of arthritis. In fact, there are many different forms of arthritis including painful gout and even psoriatic arthritis. But one thing they all have in common is an immune reaction within a joint. This is important because it means that the immune system has a reason for continually attacking particular joints, and often the very joints that are under attack are the ones that have sustained injury or been chronically stressed due to posture or body use.

One thing to know about the body is that damaged or defective areas of the body will accumulate toxic debris. This debris can be trapped within joints and between superficial layers of connective tissue around joints. Debris can include viruses, bacteria, food particles and metabolic acids, as well as excess minerals. Once these stored debris fields become irritating to the surrounding tissue, the immune system begins to target these areas, causing inflammation, pain and disfigurement in an attempt to clear these areas of irritating debris.

You can see this build-up of toxic debris in the plaque around your teeth. It begins as a chemical reaction between bacteria in your mouth, toxic debris in the saliva and enzymes from the parotid glands. Over time, it hardens and calcifies, causing irritation and inflammation of the gums and erodes away the root strength of the tooth, causing deformities of the teeth. This is essentially like an arthritis of the teeth.

But why does the body store these debris fields instead of removing them properly. The most common reason is blockage of one of the elimination channels, colon, kidneys, lungs, liver or skin. A second reason may be a leaky gut issue where excessive bacteria or chronic digestive problems will cause the lining of the gut to become porous, allowing undigested food particles and toxic waste material to leak into the blood stream. This is also the primary reason for the development of food intolerance or allergy and often arthritis will occur in individuals that have had food allergies for years.

Before resorting to harsh drugs, try cleansing the joint spaces naturally. Cleansing alone may make a substantial difference simply by enhancing the elimination pathways and cleaning out the debris fields. Then healing can take place and you may be able to live the rest of your life without the daily pain and restriction.

The first thing is to clear your body of bacteria and make sure that your intestinal tract is clear. The best combination for this is: Golden Seal, whole food fiber in powder form (I like Standard Process Whole Food Fiber), an herbal stimulant such as Mediherb’s Colax and Bentonite Clay. This combination should be done for one week before cleansing and then continued throughout the remaining weeks of cleansing to help keep your bowel function optimal. Remember to take Bentonite Clay away from all foods or supplements for optimal results.

During the cleanse, your diet is important. You must eliminate the following items until your cleanse is completed: milk products, caffeine-bearing products, processed foods, carbonated beverages, sugar. Foods to add during your cleanse include: kale, brussels sprouts, onions, garlic, cherries and Green Tea. I also recommend one tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar before each meal to aid digestion and absorption.

Your cleanse should include the following products:

Standard Process Betacol — 3 tablets per day, 1 with each meal to help cleanse the liver.

Standard Process B6 Niacinamide — this formula contains large amounts of pyridoxine which helps in eliminating deposits of uric acid throughout the joints, particularly the wrists and ankles.

Mediherb Boswellia Complex — a strong anti-inflammative complex to increase blood flow into joints and reduce swelling.

Standard Process Cataplex D Tablets — this whole vitamin D increases the ability of bones and joints to absorb calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.

Standard Process Calcifood Powder — this is the best whole food calcium available in an easily digestible form for increased calcium for bones and joints. This may be replaced by Calsol if Osteopenia or Osteoporosis are present.

Once you have completed three weeks of this cleanse, you can stop the Bentonite Clay. If inflammation is under control at this point, you can also stop the Cataplex D and the Boswellia Complex. Now you move on to repair and prevention with products that are specific to your condition and symptoms from the following list:

For Rheumatoid Arthritis:

  • Rumaplex — 3 with each meal, at least 9 per day. This proprietary formula is a complete complex for restoring balance to rheumatic joints.
  • Thymex - 3 with each meal, at least 9 per day. This is essential if you have a recent history of multiple infection or chronic immune illness.
  • Rehmannia Complex Phytosynergist - this adrenal support formula is for situations with severe chronic inflammation or stress-induced symptoms.

For Osteoarthritis:

  • Ostarplex — 3 with each meal, at least 9 per day. This proprietary complex contains the protomorphagen for bone and connective tissue along with other plant products for joint strength and function.
  • Chlorophyll Complex — 2 with each meal, at least 6 per day. Chlorophyll is one of the strongest builders of the blood and the transportation of calcium so it is essential for those with a history of anemia, chronic fatigue, stones or bone spurs.
  • Cataplex F Tablets — 2 with each meal, at least 6 per day. This essential fatty acid complex works with the thyroid gland to increase calcium and lipid absorption for damaged joints. This is important for those with a history of low thyroid.
  • Circuplex - Circuplex helps to lower blood viscosity and is a vasodilator to increase circulation to the extremities, making it perfect for symptoms of morning joint stiffness.
  • Copper Liver Chelate — this formula is for poor collagen integrity, common in osteoarthritis and joint degeneration. Women that have had a history of painful periods or severe period bleeding may have an arthritis that is due to insufficient levels of copper.

For Gout:

  • AC Carbamide — 2 capsules with each meal, at least 6 per day. This increases the kidney’s ability to filter uric acid and other waste products from the blood. This is an essential for gout.
  • Arginex — 2 capsules with each meal, at least 6 per day. This helps to remove deposits and mineral build-up in the kidneys which impair their filtration ability. This is an essential for gout.
  • Burdock Complex — this is a form of essiac tea popular for blood cleansing during cancer treatment. It is excellent at reducing lactic and pyruvic acid accumulation, making it perfect for gout deposits.
  • Phosfood — this should be used for no more than three weeks at the rate of 60-90 drops per day in water, spread out between meals. It is essential for any calcium deposits or painful swelling of joints.