Get Clear With An Antioxidant Cleanse


There is nothing like cleansing to feel restored, rejuvenated and ridiculously full of energy. This powerful antioxidant cleanse will really take years off your body and boost your immune system to an all-time high! We all know about antioxidants, but do we truly eat good quantities of the foods that contain them? Or are you relying on taking fistfuls of antioxidant vitamins every day? Get clear with this wonderful 30 days of cleansing with super-infusions of all the antioxidants your body craves by combining fruit and vegetable juices, concentrated food-based vitamins and blood cleansers. You will power up the immune system, reduce toxic assault of cells, get your metabolism out of bed and clear the boatload of toxins and debris that your body has accumulated.

The Chinese have known for thousands of years how important the quality of the blood is. Its role as transport mechanism for hormones, biochemicals, food and waste products cannot be underestimated. Many times a reduction in the presence of hormones in the blood from the adrenal glands, thyroid gland and pituitary gland is mistaken for a weakness of the gland, when it may be due to too many toxic materials blocking hormone movement.

Part of clearing the blood, is reducing toxic assault at a cellular level. This requires high infusion quantities of anti-oxidants. One of the best sources for this is juicing of fruits and vegetables. Since the early part of this century, researchers such as Norman Walker and Bernard Jensen have investigated the effects of vegetables and fruit, particularly as juice in our daily diet. Juicing adds to the benefits of fruits and vegetables because it removes fiber making it possible to absorb larger quantities of all the important nutrients and phytochemicals found in plants. This is great for elderly people as well as people with chronic indigestion or reflux. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, three raw carrots contain about 2 g. of protein, 21 g. of carbohydrates, 60 mg. of calcium, 1 mg. of iron, 696 mg. of potassium, 60,000 IUs of vitamin A, 19 mg. of vitamin C, 30 mcg. of folate and traces of many more vitamins and minerals. When was the last time you ate three raw carrots?

Fresh fruit and vegetable juices are also rich in enzymes. Enzymes spark the hundreds of thousands of chemical reactions that occur throughout the body — in fact, enzymes are essential for most of the building and rebuilding that goes on in the body every day. When foods are cooked, enzymes can be destroyed; that is why raw foods and juices are so important to us. They provide us with an excellent source of all-important enzymes.

Try this cleanse for at least four weeks, but six weeks is optimal, particularly if you have had any digestive history that has minimized your absorption of essential nutrients or you’ve had the diet from hell. Let’s begin with the cleanse products that are essential to this period of time:

Standard Process Green Food is unlike any other green powder you can buy. While others contain herbs or synthetic ingredients, this comprehensive pducts contains Glycosylisovitexin, an incredible substance found in barley grass leaf extract that is one of the most potent antioxidants found to date in a food source. The barley grass leaf is combined with buckwheat juice powder, Brussels sprouts powder, kale powder and alfalfa sprouts powder. These cruciferous vegetables, which are all grown organically, are processed without heat and are clinically shown to support the P450 enzyme system of liver detoxification. Green Food is organic and completely free of pesticides or additives.

Standard Process Cataplex C is whole food-based vitamin C which provides one of the strongest anti-oxidant complexes known. We need vitamin C including its attached enzymes to promote healthy cellular growth and to enhance the immune system. It is a potent formula that prevents membrane damage, DNA mutation and lipid oxidation, all of which can degenerate the body and quicken the aging process.

AF Betafood is a concentrated beet powder which contains one of the most easily assimilated forms of iron, detoxifying and building the blood while infusing it with minerals and natural sugars. It is also thought that beets aid circulation and contain betaine, which stimulates the function of liver cells and the thyroid while protecting the liver and bile ducts. There are even studies to indicate that beet root has a significant tumor-inhibiting effect.

SP Cleanse is the basic formula for cleansing the liver and the blood.

Vitanox is a strong herbal anti-oxidant with green tea extract which focuses on the filtration tissues of the body. This can be especially helpful if you have environmental allergies, as it supports the removal of toxic debris, particularly in the lungs.

Burdock Complex is commonly known as Essiac Tea Extraction. This is a combination of herbs designed for maximum detoxification of the blood and the suppression of cystic formation in the tissues.

Your Cleanse Directions: Three times each day, preferably at least 30 minutes before each meal, take 6 capsules of Green Food. Twice each day before breakfast and dinner, take at the same time 3 ounces of carrot juice and 3 ounces of beet juice. You may use the juice to wash down the Green Food capsules or water if you prefer. This combination should be for 1 week.

After your first week, increase your juice concentration to 6 ounces of carrot and 6 ounces of beet with each dose of SP Green Food. Continue this level for the next two to four weeks.

For the last week drop back in your juice amounts to 3 ounces of carrot and 3 ounces of beet with each dose of SP Green Food.

Your meals during this month cleanse time should consist of whole grains, vegetables, fish and protein supplementation such as soy shakes. Do not consume any processed foods, caffeine-bearing substances such as coffee, solid proteins such as meat, chicken or eggs and no dairy products.

During all weeks take the following amounts of cleanse supplementation:

SP Cleanse — 7 capsules with each meal. Cataplex C - 2 tablets three times each day with food. AF Betafood — 2 tablets three times each day with food. Vitanox — 1 tablet each meal and 1 tablet after any exercise session. Burdock Complex — 1 tablet each meal.

Fasting Option - If you would like to use this cleanse as part of an extended Fast, then you may simply replace your meal intake with SP Complete, a powdered complete nutritional complex.