Miraculous Answers for Hemmorhoids


No one wants to talk about hemmorhoids, but the truth is that if your diet has constantly avoided fruits, vegetables and whole grains, then this is something you can’t avoid. Here’s my secret formula for success... At ISIS, we provide colonic hydrotherapy and the most common reason for people to seek out this popular therapy is hemmorhoids. Sometimes it’s a truck driver, sometimes it’s a new mother who developed them during pregnancy, but often it’s the result of years of bad food and poor nutritional choices. But as the healing takes place, you need relief. Here’s my tried and true solution:

An herbal extract tonic to be taken twice a day is essential to tone up the veins and provide an anti-inflammatory effect. In addition it is important to get bile flowing well which helps to heal and lubricate the intestinal tract. My favorite tonic includes Horsechestnut, Butcher’s Broom, Hawthorn Leaf and Turmeric.

Next, I insist on my patients drinking Kangen Water and also saoking cloths in 11.5 Kangen Water and using as a compress on the affected area daily.

Third, is a wonderful ointment in a base of vitamin E cream to be applied at least twice per day. Again I use Horsechestnut and Butcher’s Broom, but I also use witch hazel and Kava. The witch hazel is an astringent and the kava has an analgesic effect. This wonderful ointment will usually produce instant pain relief.

Liver tonifying with Schisandra, Rosemary and Milk Thistle are important and they are given with a whole food fiber powder combination of beets, apple fiber, oat fiber and bran.

Change and resolution will usually take about two to four weeks, but the results are impressive! Changing the diet however is the key, and making sure that whole food fiber and plenty of vegetables and fruits are included will ensure that a repeat performance does not take place.