Body Purification: The Essential Life Saver


Blood pressure lowered... bags under the eyes disappeared... sugar cravings gone... 20 pounds lighter.... acne gone... energy of a 20 year old... These are the results of Body Purification. At ISIS Holistic Clinic, our at-home 21 day Purification Kit has changed people’s lives all over the world, eliminating the need for medication, for constant chiropractic adjustments, for weekly therapies, for that daily fix at Starbucks. Each year, we recommend all of our patients do a Body Purification program and with this simple, short, easy-to-follow purification program, you can too!

Toxic load in the body is the result of pollution, poor food choices, heavy metal exposure, stress, pharmaceuticals and even contaminated water. And all of these things are not just present in third world countries; they are found everywhere in the U.S. These toxins can build up in your tissues over time and create chronic problems such as headaches, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, poor digestion, low sex drive, weight gain, insomnia and even Fibromyalgia symptoms. And body purification is the best way to lose weight because it reprograms your body’s natural systems and allows each system to function at an optimal level, so there is no reason to hold onto excess weight. In fact, the body will adjust itself to its healthiest weight in years! By replacing fake, empty calorie foods with high fiber, nutrient dense foods, your body can more efficiently use everything you eat.

When the organs of elimination become sluggish, toxins will accumulate throughout the body and burden the kidneys, liver, pancreas and colon. By feeding these organs instead of burdening them, you can turn your life around and retrain your body to be healthy, slim and symptomatically-free.

Our purification program is simple and lasts only three weeks. You take five supplements in either capsules or powders that you can make into purifying shakes with fruit. Each of these supplements are certified cold-processed, natural food-based compounds and are all grown on organic soil. So these products are live and in their whole form making them rich with nutrients, enzymes, coenzymes, trace minerals, plant sterols and purifiers.

SP Cleanse is a vegetarian supplement that contains 20 different whole foods and botanicals that specifically aid the body’s purifying organs and the body’s elimination systems. SP Complete is the basis for nutritious shakes while on your purification program. It delivers real antioxidant power to support liver detoxification with grapeseed extract, amino acids, essential fatty acides flax meal and proteins. Whole Food Fiber is a wonderful powder that gets mixed into your shake to give you amazing non-bloating food fiber from beets, oats, apple and other natural grains for optimal bowel function, perhaps for the first time! SP Green Food is the most natural support for the body with an organic food blend of kale, brussels sprouts, alfalfa, buckwheat and barley grass. Whey Pro Complete is a natural protein complex that is added to your shakes to give you an added 15 grams of high quality essential amino acid protein to help support your muscles and energy systems. Many people have been protein-deficient for years and this can really turn things around!

The best times for detoxification is usually spring and fall and it gives you a jump start on any new project or life change. You get a full information packet with DVD, food plan, recipes and a food log. You can even add therapies to enhance your experience such as colonics, Infrared sauna, Swiss Phyto-Lymphatic Drainage and yoga. You will be reinvigorating your body and reinventing your image.

So don’t settle for over-the-counter laxatives or colon cleanses which may contain loads of synthetics or harsh purgatives. Instead you can experience amazing, natural, whole-food therapy... all for the price of a couple of massages. For more information, call our Order Desk at 617-734-4708 in Boston.

Change your life today!