Can We Get Everything We Need From Food?


soyI'm not talking about a shoulder to cry on, a strong arm to help you move the couch or someone to drive you to the store.  I'm talking about health.  Can you get everything you need to be healthy from the food you eat? Well, you probably could if you could be assured that your food does not contain chemicals, pesticides, growth hormones or toxins from our environment. The real problem with our food is that at the age of 30 or 40 or 50, when we finally realize we want to be healthier, we don't have the time to wait for our food to make us healthier. Every minute of every day, our bodies and their systems are working for us or against us. Just look at a "free radical", which threatens even the unstoppable body of James Bond. These chemicals are naturally produced by our bodies every time we use oxygen for energy. Normally we can capture and eliminate these chemicals with the nutrition we get from green foods, but when was the last time you ate spinach? And how much spinach can you possible eat each day? Given the years of neglect that your body has sustained, you would probably need a truckload of spinach.

Working strictly through your foods can be too little, too late. If too many of these free radicals build up, they can permanently damage an essential component of our cells known as mitochondria, the energy "power-house" of our body. In a very short time, this can alter our genetic structure by dissolving the protective coating on our chromosomes and change the way our body creates energy, making us tired, burned out and older. So free radicals cause oxidation or "rust" of healthy tissue in the body.

Damage to our genetic structure changes the pattern we use for growth and change. Genetics are like blueprints which present a plan for construction. The outcome can vary from the plan, since each stage is based on the outcome of the previous stage. Our bodies are genetics expressed in our environment, meaning that our experience develops the initial plan. The expression of genes are also polymorphic, in other words, they will express one way in certain situations and under other circumstances can express differently. This is what accounts for people having differing detoxification abilities at a genetic level. Some people can smoke, drink and eat poorly without noticeable effect, while others seem to be sick continually. Nutrition, both macro [the food we eat] and micro [the resulting nutrients] can affect the expressability of a gene's detoxification ability.

It is not just the food you eat, it is also the micronutrients that you derive from food that provide essential building materials for the cell. These micronutrients are what design and define the body. Every cell is capable of meeting the body's needs. But if the parents are unhealthy, then the cells of the child will be genetically deficient from the beginning.

So supplementation is not just healthy, it's essential.  Supplying your body with organic, raw food in a concentrated form is the key to maintaining your health no matter what you do or don't eat.  Without that, you can't really expect to have perfect health because none of us can eat everything we need in exactly the right amounts in the most perfect unpolluted state.  The grocer with a cold could even sneeze on the broccoli that you're about to buy, so you never know.

So don't assume vitamins are for health nuts - they're for everyone from children to seniors, every day not some days, and for the rest of your life.