What Can You Tell Me About Cancer? (Third Installment)


In working with cancer prevention and treatment, understanding some of the theories of cancer development is important to heading off cancer before it starts. There are three aspects to any disease process and each one must be addressed, not just as treatment but as prevention for life. Structural and anatomical aspects, energetic and emotional aspects, and nutritional and biochemical aspects are the three areas that any disease treatment requires, particularly cancer. Structural and anatomical aspects are important because the ability of your blood to carry nutrition, oxygen and waste materials to and from cells is crucial to healthy cell growth and maintenance. If your muscles are chronically tense (think of the burning ache in your neck and shoulders) or your connective tissue areas are inflamed (such as bursitis or tendonitis), then you can assume that your cells are not receiving adequate supplies of blood nutrients.

If you have had any serious injury or accident that affected your structure, it is important to have enough therapy and sufficient nutrition to restore that area to optimal function. If you are living with chronic pain, or chronic functional restriction, then cells and tissues are also not at an optimal level.

I recommend deep tissue massage therapy, chiropractic total body care and daily nutritional supplementation to help restore healthy structural function. Also, making sure that you find ways to maintain flexibility of your tissues, such as heat therapy (sauna, baths), yoga and flexibility conditioning are essential for blood to be able to navigate all the pathways of the body tissues.

The second aspect is that of energetic and emotional concerns. Many people do not realize that emotional stress, anxiety, depression, worry, fear and hopelessness all cause specific chemicals to be created within your body and can actually change the chemistry of your glands, organs and tissues. In this way, your body translates every emotional response into a chemical response. Chemical responses can cause illness exactly as a virus, bacteria or other pathogenic problem. In this way, you may be able to develop serious disease from the stress caused by the loss of a job or the break-up of a relationship.

Energy is something that, as Einstein proposed, is neither created nor destroyed. That means that our bodies must translate and transfer energy from our external environment into our internal environment. Energy from the rays of the sun, from the water in which we swim, from the plants that we eat and from the movement of our bodies through space, all create energy which we must process.

Many people believe that this energy enters our body and is moved into and along specific pathways designed for energy, known in the oriental realm as meridians. There is an energetic pathway for each organ and for many systems. The ease with which energy can flow along these channels determines the ability of our body systems to be healthy and full of energy for metabolism. When there is a blockage of energy, it will affect the tissue where the blockage occurs just as much as it will affect the organ that would have received that energy. If you hold a magnifying glass over a piece of paper and direct sunlight through it, you can actually start a fire and create damage to the piece of paper. If your energy is blocked along the pathway, it will be focused into one specific tissue area. This can cause damage to the tissue, and the cells of that tissue will no longer function normally. This can be the beginning of cancer.

Working with the emotional and energetic aspects of the body is essential for any healing and true change to take place. Acupuncture, reflexology, shiatsu and numerous body movement techniques such as tai chi can all help stimulate and ease the flow of energy through the body, removing blockages and allowing tissues to heal. NeuroEmotional Technique, which has been available as a therapy for years, can help to work through the emotional stresses, even into childhood, adding a whole new dimension to the idea of emotional therapy.

The last aspect of biochemical and nutritional balance is especially important as without proper food, vitamins, minerals and water, none of our cells would be able to live. And we seem to forget that all of our trillions of cells must share in the reserves of nutrition that our body makes available from our diets. If your diet is primarily junk food, or the last time you ate a vegetable was when your mother fed it to you, then your cells have been starving for years.

It is a known fact that our soil nationwide does not contain the high level of nutrients that it once did. We also have dumped large quantities of artificial fertilizers, chemicals and waste materials into the very soil that years later is used to produce food. Studies done have indicated that vegetables today contain less than half of the nutrients that they did fifty years ago. So supplementing your diet with concentrated nutrition in the form of compressed and powdered organic foods, natural food sources and lots of purified water can help to restore the reserves your body has available for cells. These reserves are critical when your body has a higher demand for certain vitamins and minerals, such as during times of stress or during illness. Look for multivitamin complexes that are from cold-processed organic foods, not separated, fractionated or synthetically derived.

The second focus for biochemical and nutritional balance are the glands. Feeding our glands and keeping our glands balanced is essential to maintaining normalized and healthy hormonal chemicals. Hormones are the driving forces behind much of our body’s physiological processes. If your adrenals are weak, your PMS will be hell, your blood pressure will be too low or too high, your libido will disappear and you won’t remember the last time you slept well and woke up rested and ready for your day. Every day that this is the case, your cells are suffering. I highly recommend to my patients to evaluate and work on their glands. There are numerous herbs, vitamin and mineral complexes and food concentrates that can restore normal glandular health.

In fact, the thymus gland is one of the most important in the case of cancer. When the thymus gland atrophies and weakens, your immune system can become less reactive and less protective. This is especially true as we age. For this reason, my cancer protocol includes Thymex and Thymus PMG from Standard Process. When this is combined with therapy for the lymphatic system which carries immunity to our cells, the results can be amazing for chronic illness.

At our clinic, we use a swiss lymphatic drainage machine along with natural topical products that can help to restore the meridian balance in the body. I also suggest rebounding and dry skin brushing for my patients at home to maintain healthy lymphatic flow. Combining this with sweating therapy such as FAR Infrared sauna and clay detoxification baths can clear the body quickly of toxic debris.

Which is where cleansing becomes important. I use Burdock and Cleavers as purification herbs for the lymphatic system and body tissues. I insist my cancer patients go through at least 21 days of body cleansing and purification of the digestive tract, the liver, the kidneys and the blood. This is so important and can be done by everyone at any time, as long as they are not concurrently undergoing debilitating treatment such as chemotherapy or radiation which can fatigue the body. In fact, cleansing should never be done for patients that are already debilitated. Cleansing is a challenging process and requires good body energy. You don’t necessarily have to be healthy to cleanse, but you do need to be strong.

So most of the treatment that is provided in the holistic world for cancer is simply to strengthen, balance and support all the body systems and allow the body to function as optimally as possible. In this way, the allopathic treatments that a patient may choose can be more effective at a lower dose with less side effects. There are also a number of choices in complementary medicine for cancer that can be added to every treatment regime. Liver support such as Milk Thistle (which is actually not a detoxifier, it is instead hepatoprotective), acknowledged anti-tumor herbs such as Tumeric, Withania, Greater Celandine, Red Clover, Thuja, Eleuthero, Pau D’Arco and Aloe Concentrate are all important.

Based on Dr. Lee’s research, I also suggest Protomorphagenic therapy to work on restoring normalized PMG activity in the body. According to Dr. Royal Lee, this can be accomplished by introducing exogenous PMG through the digestive process in tablet form. This is an ancient practical concept. By including glandular material which contains the dormant tissue PMG, the body’s own environment will activate it and individualize it based on the chemical nature, temperature and living cells present in the bodily fluid. PMG’s are cell specific, not species specific, so the use of porcine PMG material provides excellent mineral-based substrate, a template or blueprint, from which human cells can more effectively build nucleic acids to form protein chains. PMG’s therefore contain DNA, RNA, mineral substrates and related coenzymes common to all species and resemble virus-like nucleoprotein molecules, as found in living organisms.

By introducing these exogenous porcine PMG through the digestive system the NTA army will be decoyed and time will be made available for the natural tissue to heal, preventing further cellular spillage. Once the leakage of damaged material into the intracellular spaces has been stopped, the immune response will also cease, breaking the autoimmune or allergic response. This is something that can be implemented even for allergies or autoimmune situations, long before they turn into something more serious.

Despite the fact that these ideas and theories have long been ignored by the medical community, there are now researchers that are just beginning to come to the same conclusions through their own individual and independent efforts. Even Guyton, one of the most respected textbooks of medical physiology addresses these concepts:

"We know very little about the mechanisms that maintain proper numbers of the different types of cells in the body. However, experiments have shown at least three ways in which growth can be controlled. First, growth is often controlled by growth factors that come from other parts of the body. Some of these circulate in the blood, but others originate in adjacent tissues. For instance, the epithelial cells of some glands, such as the pancreas, will fail to grow without a growth factor from the underlying connective tissue of the gland. Second, most normal cells will stop growing when they have run out of space for growth. This occurs when cells are grown in a tissue culture; the cells grow until they contact a solid object and then growth stops. Third, cells grown in tissue culture often stop growing when minute amounts of their own secretions are allowed to collect in the culture medium. This, too, could provide a means for negative feedback control of growth." — Guyton, Textbook of Medical Physiology, 9th edition, p. 37.

So begin today to do something about your future health. Eat well, supplement your diet, minimize the effects of toxins by regularly going through body detoxification, minimize the effects of stress with relaxing therapies and regular body movement. And don’t forget to breathe. Your loved ones will thank you.

This concludes the last of the series What Can You Tell Me About Cancer?