The Mindset for Healing


Making the decision to be healthy takes more than a desire. It requires commitment, change and determination. Many people come to health because of frustration over feeling unhealthy. But before the journey begins, it is important to be aware of all the tiny little webs that hold onto our habits and give us a sense of control. For these webs not only provide us with a sense of support and control, they bind us and hold us within the patterns that we have already established. Remember if you treat your body tomorrow the same way you did today, then you will have the same symptoms tomorrow as you had today. One has to be willing to give up control in order to effect change. This means defining your daily life aside from symptoms and chronic problems, and not giving a needed meaning to illness. For this can prevent you from moving towards health. You have to be willing to imagine your life without your symptoms in order to make that life happen.

Healing means combining the mind, body and soul to achieve wellness. When the body experiences deficiencies, it begins to cannibalize healthy tissue to derive needed nutrients and biochemical building blocks. This breaks down the body’s defenses and functions. We need to begin each and every program of healing with balancing the mind, body and soul. This is achieved by providing nutritional support for the brain as the seat of the mind, energetic healing for the heart as the seat of the soul and therapy for the relaxation and balance of all the body’s systems. Many conditions and symptoms for instance, can be alleviated simply by providing nutrition and energy to the heart which provides 60% of the body’s energy.

But it takes energy to make energy and this is true especially when you have healing to do. So you must be willing to put aside some of your regular daily tasks to provide energy for your healing process. Make time for yourself and the regimen that you are choosing. Understand that you might experience some discomfort associated with your body ridding itself of unwanted material.

But especially be at peace with the idea of convalescence. Make sure that the people in your life understand that you are “sick” and you need down time in order to heal. And don’t forget to tell the most important person — yourself.