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Dr. Karen Clickner

I am a Certified and Registered Naturopathic Diplomate with the National Registry of Naturopathic Practitioners and have been in practice since 1984.  But my more than 30 years of practice started very differently.

I received my degrees at the University of New Hampshire in philosophy and international law, but a serious health detour while living in Europe led me into holistic and complementary medicine.  Through that experience, I realized how irreplaceable natural medicine is.  So I altered my path with comprehensive training in Naturopathic Medicine and Integrative Physical Therapy and worked for a number of years in Madrid before moving to Florida.  While there, I studied Myofascial Release with John Barnes, Neuromuscular Therapy with Paul St. John, Applied Kinesiology with Dr. George Goodheart and Contact Reflex Analysis with Dr. Dick Versendaal.  Since that time, I expanded my study of Clinical Applied Herbology through the Australian College of Phytotherapy, Palmer Chiropractic College and Texas Chiropractic College.

I was the Herbal Advisor on the BBC's World Radio Geneva in Switzerland and currently publish The Herbal Advisor Online Magazine. I have taught throughout the United States and Europe and my articles and podcasts have been featured in AMTA Journals, Wisdom Magazine, The Wellbeing Journal and The Hale Journal of London. I maintained a private practice in London, Geneva and Nantucket Island for many years, and I bring that experience to each of my patients.  

I currently own Conscious Body Natural Medicine, Inc. where I maintain a private practice and also provide comprehensive advice via Skype world-wide and was named Best Holistic Advisor by Platinum Magazine.