Solving Metabolic Syndrome Naturally

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In my last article “Sugar is Killing Us” I discussed the results of the most recent studies into sugar dysregulation which includes Metabolic Syndrome, Type 2 Diabetes, hyper and hypoglycemia along with a host of secondary opportunistic conditions which develop over time when our blood sugar remains unregulated.

Now come the solutions!

First it is very important to address all the secondary conditions, one at a time to create resolution of the most recent expressions of unresolved sugar dysregulation. This includes more than 100 conditions from hepatic fibrosis and gallbladder issues to COPD, coronary heart disease, dry eye syndrome, cataracts, schizophrenia, lichen planus, SLE, Sjogren’s, osteoporosis, PCOS and kidney stones. There are many pathways affected in the body by sugar dysregulation and therefore the progression of unresolved sugar handling issues and insulin resistance can express many different conditions and illnesses. But the more we research this insidious epidemic, the more we realize that tracing each of these conditions back leads to an early, unresolved sugar imbalance.

Now along with working on secondary conditions and symptoms, there are a few essential aspects that must be observed:

  • reducing weight and specifically abdominal waist measurement.

  • reducing stress and learning healthy coping strategies to create a healthy nervous system response.

  • getting adequate and sustained quality of sleep.

  • getting regular and appropriate amounts of exercise.

  • dietary guidelines .

Now during this time, there are some key herbal strategies that help to create change in blood sugar regulation. These include high grade Cinnamon verum, Gymnema, Grape seed, Bitter Melon (Karela), Nigella seeds, Fenugreek and bioavailable Curcumin. There are additional herbal essentials for Metabolic Syndrome and also for the secondary conditions mentioned above.

Dietary changes are essential to manage and restore blood sugar regulation. This means adding the following:

  • increasing fiber from multiple plant sources / supplemental fiber. Adding 1 ounce per day of freshly milled/ground flaxseeds or nigella seeds is a great option.

  • eating low fructose fruits. This can be 3-4 ounces of berries per day.

  • eat organic meat and reduce red meat consumption while reducing toxin exposure.

  • eat low BCAA proteins.

  • increase potassium - you may consider Hippocrates Broth (click here for the recipe).

  • if you’re looking for a bit of sweetness, consider cocoa that is 90% chocolate (limit to 0.7 ounce per day).

  • drink lots of hibiscus tea or green tea - you can have up to several cups of each per day.

  • garlic is amazing for a lot of aspects of health including blood sugar regulation. Have 1-2 fresh, crushed raw cloves/day.

  • beets or spinach are great for reducing the sugar load (beet sugar is converted easily in the body and doesn’t create insulin resistance).

At the same time it is important to reduce the following:

  • no sugary drinks including fruit juices, sodas, flavored waters.

  • reduce excessive heme iron consumption.

  • no synthetic trans fats.

  • minimal alcohol.

  • reduce the intake of AGEs

  • reduce salt to 3 grams/day (approximately 1/2 teaspoon)