Are Drugs Inevitable?


Is it inevitable that you will have to take one or more drugs for a lengthy period of time in your life? Perhaps multiple drugs for years even? The truth is that our medical machine and the businesses that are involved in the care and feeding of this machine are making it more and more probable that you will. There is a bias that has developed in traditional medicine that believes that health is not the goal... curing disease is. So everything is geared towards identifying and treating disease when it occurs, but essentially ignoring you the rest of the time... leaving you to your own devices of diet, lifestyle, stress factors, sleep quality, etc. Many symptoms although you may notice that they are unusual, your doctor may completely ignore or suggest numerous tests which will only show that your symptoms are unidentifiable. If there is no possibility of identifying a disease, then there is no cure, and so nothing that can be done.

The concept of treatment is overseen by the Food and Drug Administration. I find it very interesting that one organization oversees both the foods we eat and the drugs we take, as though drugs are as normal as food. The FDA is the body which enforces the policy that "Any substance that can prevent, treat or cure a disease is classified as a drug." This means that even the most natural substances that have been used for centuries throughout the world to treat illness and disease, may not state that they treat illness and disease, because the substance they are providing is natural, herbal, food-based or plant-based. It cannot be patented which is an essential quality of all drugs that are manufactured, and it cannot provide immense profits to a company because all companies have the right to distribute natural substances. If a natural product is patented, then it means that the process to extract it has been patented or the product itself is created in a laboratory, often by manipulating its inherent structure and creating a synthetic version of a natural product. So just because the bottle says natural doesn’t mean it came right out of the field.

So the first problem is that if a natural product was even thought to "prevent, treat or cure" disease, then it would have to be classified as a drug meaning you would need a prescription from your doctor to obtain it, (nothing like always asking for permission) and the companies that provide it would have to become licensed as drug companies in order to provide it to you.

The other problem that this creates is that more and more body conditions, imbalances and other issues are being classified as "diseases" in order to classify the treatment of them as "drug therapy". So not only is Alzheimer’s and cancer diseases, so are ADHD, Chronic Depression and even Obesity. So it leaves a smaller and smaller world in which you still have the opportunity to receive accurate information about natural options and how they can help your body. And if the drug companies and the FDA have their way, the future will see all herbs, vitamins, minerals and natural treatments only provided in synthetic form, as only a synthetic substance can be licensed. That way the drug companies will ensure that you will only be able to purchase these synthetic formulations of what was once, natural medicines.

The more people that take advantage of the opportunity for natural medicine and choose natural options for treating their symptoms and conditions, the less government can take these options away. But don’t be silent about what natural medicine has done for you. Tell your doctor when you are taking natural supplements or receiving natural therapies. Be sure he or she knows what helps you with your health. If you let your doctor believe something simply got better on its own, or with the help of the prescription he gave you that you didn’t take, then he will go on believing that natural options are not to be considered.

And if you have never considered natural options, now is the time. Before you resort to a drug with side-effects or leave your doctor’s office believing that it’s all in your head, look into a natural solution. You’ve got nothing to lose but your symptoms!