Ending Fibroids Naturally


Fibroids plague millions of women, interfering with fertility, menstrual health and living everyday. They can grown to be as large as 9 kilos and can will grow during pregnancy or with oral contraceptives. They will shrink after menopause unless you are taking hormone replacement therapy. Treatment options from your doctor are less than successful and surgery is the leading option. Is there no other alternative? Holistic treatment of fibroids can be a long road, but in the end, it can be very successful at reducing the size of fibroids and even eliminating them altogether without surgery or drugs. There will be a long history of premenstrual and menstrual issues and often an undiagnosed thyroid problem as well as yeast issues, allergies and digestive problems. Sound familiar? It is for millions of women. It can take six months to make a substantial difference, so you have to plan ahead and be sure not conceive during that time which can throw off all the hard work you have done. But stick with it and you will notice a difference!

Your plan:

1) Diet — you have to avoid chemical estrogens such as soy, dairy and anything that contains saturated fat or allergens such as wheat or gluten. You want to eat whole foods with lots of grains and be sure to drink Kangen Water to alkalinize your body’s hydration system.

2) Hormonal balance — it is important to take estrogen-modulating herbs such as Chaste Tree, Ladies’ Mantle and Sarsaparilla to help maintain steady estrogen release instead of the surges that you have been used to.

3) Liver detoxification — this is very important so metabolize excess fats and to provide enough essential fatty acids for proper steroidal hormones to be produced by the adrenal glands. Milk Thistle, Bupleurum, Dandelion Root and Turmeric are great choices for this.

4) Lymphatic Drainage — in order to remove toxic material from the environment of the female reproductive area, the lymphatic system must be clean. Dry skin brushing at home as well as Swiss Phyto Lymphatic Drainage can really help this. Herbs that are given include Cleavers, Calendula and tiny amounts of Poke Root.

5) Antitumor Herbs — Red Clover, Thuja, Blue Flag and Violet Leaves.

6) Astringent Herbs — these help to prevent excessive bleeding and to shrink fibroid tissue including Raspberry, Beth root, Shepherd’s Purse, Cranesbill and Periwinkle.

7) Reduce Pain/Inflammation — Wild Yam, Feverfew.

8) Anti-Congestive Herbs — Garlic, Fenugreek.

9) Uterine Tonic/ Organ Remedies — Dong Quai, Blue Cohosh, False Unicorn Root.

10) To Increase Circulation — Chinese medicine sees fibroids as a congestive issue, so increasing circulation is important. Ginger is the best choice for this.

11) Concentrated Nutrients — Essential Fatty Acids such as Evening Primrose Oil or Fish Oil, Vitamin B6, Zinc, Magnesium.

12) Glandular Support — Prolamine Iodine and Thytrophin PMG for thyroid issues and Rehmannia, Eleuthero and Withania for adrenal issues.

13) Castor Oil compresses three times a week for 1 to 2 hours are very helpful at reducing pelvic congestion, reducing pain and alleviating constipation.

This program should be done for three months, then a good one month body cleanse should be done, followed by another three months of this protocol. Checking in with a Naturopath or Holistic Practitioner is highly recommended to adjust the amounts and blends of each aspect of treatment.