Living With Sarcoidosis


One condition that no one seems to understand, sympathize with, pronounce or be able to spell is Sarcoidosis, a chronic inflammatory condition that can affect many systems of the body and can result in permanent damage and a lifetime of dysfunction. Often it is caught on an x-ray, usually in the lungs, but areas that are commonly affected are the eyes, skin and lymphatic system. There is an increased number of immune cells creating changes in normal tissue anatomy and function. Reduced lung function is the most common symptom creating an inability to walk, exercise or even travel. In my practice, I have had a number of patients with this diagnosis and most often there is some sort of viral infection in their history or significant injury or damage to the body from repeated incidences. The body begins a cycle of resistance that spirals out of control and sarcoidosis is the result.

The first step is to try to stop the underlying disease process and try to restore some normalized function. My favorite immune treatment is Hemidesmus and Echinacea purpurea with Standard Process Immuplex and Emphaplex, if the lungs are seriously involved. Hemidesmus is an Ayurvedic herb with immune suppressant activity which when combined with the Echinacea helps to correct the immune dysregulation and reduce the number of autoantibodies being produced. Immuplex is a great food-based formula to feed and support all the segments of the immune system. At the same time, water-soluble calcium can be essential to help to stabilize muscular function and blood balance.

I will also blend a great anti-inflammatory formula from adrenal herbs such as Ashwaganda, another Ayurvedic choice, Rehmannia and Ginkgo. At the same time, it is important to address the originating factor. So whether a viral infection, bacterial infection, injury or stressor, the appropriate therapy and herbal formulas must be given throughout the initial phase of treatment for optimum results. Often, the trigger can be a challenge that occurred years ago, but the body never recovered fully as a result.

It can take months to heal from Sarcoidosis, but it can be done with the result being a full and healthy life. Throughout the healing process it is important to maintain great nutrition, lots of rest and low levels of stress and exposure to illness. But once convalescence is over, life can begin again.