Compound Homeopathics for Infection


The concept of homeopathy has been around for many years, but still isn’t as popular in the U.S. as it is in the U.K. and other parts of the world. Now as we face more infectious agents than ever, this may be the time to make homeopathic formulas a daily routine. Homeopathy has had a long history of treating infection and with the new strains of flu, more virulent forms of bacteria and unknown viruses emerging every year, we would do well to turn to the proof of history and try homeopathic remedies. These remedies are incredibly diluted essences of various herbs, plants, natural tissues and other strange stuff, but they have an effect that is remarkably strong for what amounts bottles of water.

Here’s a guide to the best homeopathic solutions...

For Acute Viral Infections: Lymphomyosot to stimulate lymphatic drainge. Engystol and Gripp-Heel for non-specific defense against any and all viruses.

For Chronic Viral Infections: Hepar Compositum helps to tonify and detoxify the liver. Solidago Compositum detoxifies the kidneys. Lymphomyosot for lymphatic drainage. Engystol for non-specific defense against viruses. Coenzyme Compositum and Ubichinon Compositum as a catalyst for healing.

To Prevent Viral Infections: For ten weeks take Engystol and Euphorbium Compositum plus Traumeel if there is any severe inflammation. For the next ten weeks take Lymphomyosot and Gallium-Heel. For the third ten weeks take Mucosa Compositum and Tonsilla Compositum.

Mononucleosis, Acute Stage: Engystol and Echinacea Compositum to activate non-specific defense against virus. Lymphomyosot for lymphatic drainage. Angio-Heel to address exhaustion.

Mononucleosis, Chronic Stage: Engystol to activate non-specific defense against virus. Lymphomyosot for lymphatic drainage. Tonsilla Compositum as a phase remedy.

Common Colds and Rhinitis: Euphorbium Sinus Relief, Naso-Heel, Traumeel for the first ten days. Natrium Homaccord for the second ten days. Lymphomyosot for the third ten days. Engystol for an additional month, 5 days on, 4 days off.

Influenza, Acute Stage: Gripp-Heel or Gelsemium Homaccord for the first ten days. Engystol, Tartephredreel, Aconitum Homaccord and Bryaconeel for the second ten days. Traumeel for the third ten days.

Try it and you may like it!