Is Drinking Ionized Water the Healthiest Thing Around?


Recently everyone seems to be talking about the health benefits of ionized, alkaline water. Is it really the strongest antioxidant around? Since the 1960’s Japanese hospitals have been using Kangen© ionized alkaline and acidic waters for healing and health treatment. In fact, it was the results experienced by these patients that produced the demand for a home unit that would allow them to continue the amazing health benefits that they experienced while in the hospital. Enagic machines which produce Kangen Water© are the only water ionizers used in Japanese hospitals because no other machine on the market has the ability to produce the same incredible health effects.

Kangen Water© is produced by the most powerful ionization process available making it not just healthy, but miraculous. Here’s why...

Micro-Clustering for Better Absorption

Water molecules do not remain separate. Instead, they cluster into large groups of molecules, making them somewhat difficult to absorb at a cellular level for some people. This is the leading reason why people are chronically dehydrated, even though they may be drinking sufficient amounts of water.

The ionization process of Kangen Water uses electrolysis to polarize the water molecules. This breaks the clustering groups into smaller or microclustered groups which allow the water to be more efficiently absorbed at a cellular level.

One of the most noticeable effects of this hydrating effect is on the intestinal tract. The common concept of Leaky Gut Syndrome may actually be most often a case of severe dehydration allowing cracks to form in the lining of the gut due to the drying nature of acidic foods and chemicals. A study conducted by Dr. Hiromi Shinya, the physician who developed the Colonoscopy Test used around the world today, showed that a severely compromised colon could be fully restored to health over the period of a few weeks by drinking Kangen Water©.

Strong Antioxidant Properties

Every substance has the ability to affect living tissue at a molecular level. These chemical reactions can break down the integrity of cells and tissues causing them to rapidly age and even die. This process is called oxidation. These oxidative processes are natural to the body, but can also be greatly increased by the effects of stress, pollution, unhealthy foods, heavy metals, toxic exposure and even pharmaceutical drugs. Antioxidants are any substance that interfere with or prevent this oxidizing process from occurring, slowing the aging process of cells and helping to protect cells from the toxic load the body sustains.

Kangen Water© has the strongest antioxidant potential of any beverage you can drink. Even orange juice, long revered for its antioxidant properties is far exceeded by the effects of Kangen Water©. ORP or Oxidative-Reduction Potential is the tendency of a chemical to acquire electrons from another structure or chemical and oxidize it. The more positive the potential, the greater the ability to oxidize and the more negative the potential, the greater its anti-oxidizing capacity. So let’s compare Kangen Water© to the average ORP of other traditional beverages:

· Coke +410 ORP

· Orange Juice -110 ORP

· Pepsi +450 ORP

· Propel Fitness Water +280 ORP

· Red Bull +462 ORP

· Gatorade +325 ORP

· Reverse Osmosis Water +586 ORP

· Aquafina +542 ORP

· Wine +232 ORP

· Starbucks Coffee +175 ORP

· Tap Water +370 ORP

· Kangen Water -250 to -950

Alkalinization of the Body

The human body has many different pH levels throughout its tissues, fluids and systems. For instance the stomach can be as acidic as 1.2 while the blood is ideally 7.3 - 7.45. Our body contains many buffering agents and gateways to maintain proper pH in each area, however that can be very difficult with the exposure we have every day to pollutants, chemicals, toxic waste material, pharmaceutical drugs and the acidic foods that populate our plate at every meal.

One misconception that is important here is to realize that the reason alkalinizing the body is important is simply because of this toxic exposure we have on a daily basis. It is this exposure that has allowed diseases such as cancer, lupus and arthritis to become almost expected, because the toxic onslaught we face overwhelms our bodies ability to neutralize acidic chemicals and maintain proper body pH. Just look at the increasing number of people suffering from acid reflux, Celiac Sprue and Candida. Our buffering systems are being compromised and weakened creating dramatic shifts in our body’s pH balance and the result is degeneration of healthy tissues. This also means protecting normal stomach acid production for digestion, as well as strengthening our liver for healthy bile production which alkalinizes our upper intestinal tissues.

Kangen Water© produced with the Enagic machine allows for varying levels of alkaline drinking water which can dramatically reduce over-acidification of the body and restore the normal buffering systems our body uses to protect delicate tissues and alkaline body fluids such as lymph. Water is the one fluid your cells freely accept through the process of osmosis, which allows water to move through the cell membrane without a carrier, making it the perfect medium to restore the pH balance of every tissue and every cell. By alkalinizing the body’s tissues our internal environment becomes hostile to the presence of disease-causing bacteria, viruses and funguses. So conditions such as Candida, Lyme, Herpes and even Cancer have a much more difficult time thriving without the acidic environment they gravitate towards. This explains why vegetables, fruits and other antioxidant foods have long been believed to prevent serious illness.

Antibacterial Application

The Enagic machine can also produce Kangen© Strong Acidic Water which can be applied to the surface of the skin, and has been the center of treatment at Japanese hospitals for over 30 years. Documented clinical treatments to save infected limbs from gangrene and amputation showed that the soaking and application of Strong Acidic Water over a period of days produced a marked improvement in the healing of the limb that could not be achieved with just antibiotics.

Clinical studies have for many years shown the antibacterial properties and effects of Strong Acidic and Ionized Water which has led to its use in hospitals, restaurants and food processing to prevent bacterial contamination and to preserve food safely and naturally without chemical agents.

Used by Physicians Around the World

Kangen Water© is so amazing that many doctors around the world not only have begun to advocate ionized water for their patients, but use it for themselves and their own families. Dr. Thomas Rau, owner of The Paracelsus Klinik in Switzerland and author of The Swiss Secret to Optimal Health owns an Enagic Kangen© Water machine, while Dr. Hiromi Shinya, the developer of the Colonoscopy Test, has stated repeatedly his amazing results using ionized water. Dr. Ed Leshin even had a very personal experience with Kangen Water© which he credits with saving his child from a pituitary tumor.