Pop Quiz: How many diseases are untreatable today?

First I need to clarify something here.  Just because we can prevent a disease, or limit its spread doesn't mean we can treat it.  And just because we can treat a disease does not mean we can cure it.  I know you're thinking about cancer, but believe me when I tell you that there are many more widespread pandemics around the globe than cancer.  We spend so much money on cancer research, when every month the threat of untreatable diseases grows.  Remember gonorrhea?  You may not realize it but we are ONE antibiotic drug away from it being an incurable disease.  That's right.  ONE.  That's all that stands between you and death if you are unfortunate enough to run into gonorrhea. Do you know what the rate of tuberculosis is in India?  The last time you heard about tuberculosis may have been that Walton's episode where Olivia is diagnosed and sent to a sanitorium.  But in India right now ... are you sitting down.... the number of people infected with the TB bacteria in India is 40% of the population.  Many of those do not yet know they have it, and as was the case with typhoid, many people can be carriers without developing symptoms.

Tuberculosis is one of the world's most common diseases, and it can be spread with just a cough or a sneeze.  It is second only to HIV as the top infectious disease that kills adults worldwide.  In fact, it is estimated that 30% of the world population is infected with the TB bacteria.  Now the good news is that we have had for quite a while, a number of tuberculosis drugs, but the bad news is that the longer they have been available in each area of the world, the more resistant TB is becoming to that drug.  This means that the inherent effectiveness of each drug lessens the longer it is available and used.  So the human body is allowing the bacteria to mutate and develop resistance to treatment.

This is why many natural health advocates have been screaming for years about the overuse and overprescription of antibiotics.  Because now the idea of superbugs is not a fantasy but a realistic tragedy.  Heard of MRSA (pronounced mersa)?  More and more people are developing untreatable and chronic skin infections that may not be the likes of Ebola, but are still scarring and dangerous none the less.

So what is the solution?  Go natural.  There are so many options for infections that are natural, without side effects, effective and resist a bug's resistance!  Some of the most effective are goldenseal for bacterial infections, Cat's Claw for multiple infections or parasitic infections, very high daily doses of Vitamin D for just about anything including TB and Wormwood (Artemisia) is amazing for Lyme Disease and other dangerous bacterial and parasitic conditions.  Even something as simple as organic Elderberry syrup in your daily tea can do wonders for minimizing or completely preventing illness and infection.

Antibiotics have their place, but you want to keep them on hand for when you really need them, not every time you have Strep throat, or for every child's ear infection.  Instead turn to natural options, and minimize your body's vulnerability.